Fractal Sudoku Sculpture (remake)

Look at this fractal object

Solid object show different appearance from different direction. In particular, this fractal objects have beautiful appearances, like snowflake and dendrite. This fractal is based on a hexagonal bipyramid called H.

It has square appearance from a direwction.

It looks square from each of the faces of a hexagonal bipyramid. Therefore, in 6 (or 12 if the opposite direction is counted twice) different ways. This is twice the number a cube has. When it looks square, we have 9 x 9 grid. The 81 pieces of this object are colored with 9 colors so that in all the six square appearances, all the rows, colums, 3x3 blocks contain all the 9 colors. It is "Fractal SUDOKU Object".

This is a remake by Yasuyuki Tsukamoto of an object build in 2007 and exhibited at Kyoto University Museum. It is portable object; light and tough.