Imaginary Cube Puzzle 3H=6T :

Hexagonal bipyramid imaginary cube (H) and Triangular prismoid imaginary cube (T) are attractive polyhedra.
By solving the 3H=6T puzzle, I am sure that you will be touched by their mathematical beauty.

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Hexagonal bipyramid imaginary cube (H in short).

Triangular prismoid imaginary cube (T).

H and T are imaginary cubes.
They fit into boxes.

The objective of this puzzle is to put 3 H and 6 T into a double-sized box.
Note that it is easy to put eight of them, but there are nine pieces.

One can put so that no gap is left between pieces.
Such a solution is unique modulo rotation of the box.
It has three-hold symmetry.

It is based on 3-dimensional tiling by H and T.